5-ish Ingredient Bar

5-ingredient bars 1

Out of all the bars I’ve made recently, this is the best one. I put the crisp rice cereal as optional because it works either way. When you don’t include the rice cereal, the bar is quite dense. If you add the rice cereal, there’s a nice crunchiness and a lightness that’s added.
Pros: Sticks together well. Nice balance of flavors.
Cons: Still pretty sweet. And not sure how much I like dates.

5-ish Ingredient Bar
Source: Minimalist Baker

Makes about: one 8×8 pan
Prep time: 10 minutes+30 min chill

1 cup dates, packed
1/4 cup maple syrup
1/4 cup almond butter
1 cup roasted almonds, chopped
1 1/2 cup oats
(1 cup crisp rice cereal)–optional. include for a lighter, crunchier bar

1. Chop dates into small pieces (or use a food processor)
2. Mix together maple syrup and almond butter. May need to use microwave to facilitate this.
3. Mix together maple syrup, almond butter, dates, almonds, oats, and rice cereal (if using).
4. Pour into prepared and lined 8×8 pan and evenly distribute.
5. Let chill for 20-30 minutes,
6. Cut into bars.

top: date bar from ProBar's founder middle: baked oat bar bottom: this bar
top: date bar from ProBar’s founder
middle: baked oat bar
bottom: this bar




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